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Can’t worship with us in person this week? Join us right here every Sunday morning for our online worship broadcast. Using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can take part in our services no matter where you are. Make the most of your online worship experience by reviewing the current sermon series, donating your offering, and listening to past sermons as well.

Current Weekend Sermon Series

Our sermon series are designed to educate, challenge, and inspire your faith walk with Christ. Using smart and relevant topics based in the Word, your eyes will be opened each week to God’s presence in your life. Our current series is Characters Welcome — The Bible Brought to Life

Current Wednesday Lenten Sermon Series

During the season 0f Lent, we will be preaching on the book of Lamentations. Our tendency is to stay away from the themes captured in this book: God’s sovereign judgement, God’s righteous and Holy anger, the unfaithfulness of His people and the depths of sorrow, loneliness and desolation that sin wreaks upon the human heart.

Let’s face it, it’s a bit depressing and emotionally draining. Yet it’s a crucial part of our journey as we come to understand the power of sin in our lives and the depth of God’s love for us that helps us to make a u-turn. To learn more, click on the graphic below.

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These are the times we worship together as a community. If you’re in the greater St. Paul area, make plans to join us!

5:17 p.m. Contemporary*

8:15 a.m. Traditional Communion
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*Communion on 1st & 4th weekends of the month

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