Advent 1 – The Invitation
Wednesday, December 5

Please read 1 Samuel 3:1-10

Seems like no one wants to answer a call without knowing who it is these days. Most of us rely on the caller ID or our contact list to forewarn us who is on the other end. We all start to question if those random numbers that pop up on our phones are just some stupid sales call, a scam, or if they really are something or someone important. But generally, it seems you must be known before someone will answer your call. And then, even if we recognize the name, we still may not want to pick up because we are busy with something else or it is an inconvenient time to talk. Just the other day I missed an impromptu coffee with a friend who I don’t get to see much, all because I didn’t pick up the line. We could miss some really amazing invitations if we don’t ever answer the call.

I wonder if God feels like a random number on our phones sometimes. Maybe we know it is Him that is stirring in our heart, but we ignore it because we are busy with something else or it is just an inconvenient time to take the call. In our story today, Samuel didn’t know it was God calling either. Here he was ministering before the Lord and he still didn’t know it was the Lord; instead he kept running to Eli.

Do you know the Lord well enough that you could discern that it is Him tugging on your heart? Do you talk to Him daily? Do you know His voice because you’ve read His Word and memorized some of it? I think it’s time to get God on our speed dial and favorites list. Let’s get to know Him so well that when He calls we answer without wondering. If we don’t, we might miss the invitation of a lifetime!

By Sue Oberg