Advent 2 – The Hesitation
Saturday, December 15

Please read Matthew 22:1-9

Weddings, weddings so many weddings! I was invited to two weddings on the same Saturday. It was so difficult to choose between friends. I felt a distinct pull in one direction and so I went with my gut and chose one over the other.

It was a beautiful ceremony and we headed into the reception to be seated at a table with one of my friends whom I haven’t spoken with in quite some time. She looked lonely and really sad. I moved a couple seats over to sit with her. I asked her how she has been and she replied with the typical, “Things are fine.” I decided to dig a little deeper and she ended up pouring out her heart and telling me that she was not fine at all. She was lonely and didn’t know where to turn or what to do. At this point in her life, she felt so hopeless. It was at this moment, I realized why God had nudged me into attending this specific wedding.

In the midst of our busy lives there are always people in need of hearing about Jesus. She had grown up in a home void of faith and hope. I was there to plant a seed that would one day blossom into a life of faith in Jesus. I felt so compelled to sit with her and speak to her about God’s promises even after she told me she’s not familiar with church and didn’t think it was really for her.

As I was talking about how I had seen the powerful life changing love of Jesus Christ giving hope and fulfillment to people each day, I could feel her listening to what I was saying. She felt lost and confused because she had taken a path that was leading away from her creator. It is never too late to seek Him because He is always seeking us. How powerful and profound is that? I invited her to come to church with me the next day and much to my surprise she ended up showing up! Week after week I saw her seated in the back.

God equips us for the things to which we are called. If our busy lives keep us from these opportunities, then who will share the good news? Who will go and do as we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus? We all need someone to tell us how Jesus loves us even when we are down and don’t feel lovable. They can point us back to God and the truth that living with Him at the center is worth everything.

By Kelsey Vorrie, MOPS