Jesus called 12 unlikely disciples to follow him and learn his way. They lived regular lives, had common jobs and some characteristics and qualities that may be similar to our own. As these disciples followed Jesus they saw people healed and set free, they got to be part of the feeding of 5000 with just a kid’s lunch and they were among the first to witness the empty tomb. They ate a last supper with Jesus before He died and had a seashore breakfast with Him after He rose. They didn’t always understand what they were witnessing or what was happening because they were just ordinary people who were called into an extraordinary journey with Christ.

God also calls us, just as we are, into the amazing adventure of following him and bringing His good news message to a world in desperate need of good news. He wants us to witness people being set free and healed of their sin and shame. He wants us to experience the miracle of having Him with us each and every day.

This time before Easter, which we call Lent, is a great opportunity to be self-reflective as we draw closer to God through His Word. Throughout this time during our weekend and midweek worship services, we will be looking at the 12 unlikely disciples, some of their qualities, characteristics and traits and see what that means for us. This devotional is designed to help us take a deeper look at these followers of Jesus to help us recognize that we too are just ordinary people who God called into an extraordinary journey with Him.

Our devotionals will get us ready for the disciple and the quality we are going to focus on during worship—sort of a teaser to what is coming! On Wednesdays and the weekend we will offer a call to come and worship together, and a prayer.

Every Monday and Thursday we will share the scripture and the disciple that our Worship service will focus on. If you do not have a printed copy of our full devotional, you can download one here.

March 7-10 — Passion to Follow
Disciple: Peter

March 7: Read Matthew 14:22-33
March 8: Read 2 Samuel 6:12-15 and 2 Samuel 11:1-5
March 9/10: Read Matthew 26:30-35, 69-75