The Heart of God
by Elizabeth Hendrickson, Global Mission Coordinator

In Acts 13:22 we hear this from God: “I have found David, son of Jesse, to be a man after my heart, who will carry out all my wishes.” On my first visit to Linaje Escogido Church in Honduras the pastor preached on this verse, and explored what it means to be a person after the heart of God. We often use that phrase to describe someone with whom we share similarities. As I sat in the spacious and hospitable church in central Honduras, I thought, this verse exemplifies why global mission partnerships can be so fruitful and uplifting—because we are made in the image of God and we are striving to connect our hearts to God.

It’s easy to see the heart of God on display in Honduras. Every day the leaders of Linaje Escogido are busy in the community, serving the needs of the people. From nutritional feeding centers, to a medical clinic, and a community library, the heartbeat of the community is beating in time with the heart of God. For several years King of Kings has partnered to support 3 feeding centers in Honduras. Two of the feeding centers are for children, and one for seniors. More than 165 people receive meals each week because of the work that God does through our hearts and hands.

More recently Linaje’s outreach programs have expanded to include a medical clinic and a community library. Dr. Gisela de Hernandez exemplifies the heart of God by caring for sick people in the village. Each week hundreds of families receive compassionate and affordable healthcare because of the dedicated staff at the clinic. The library has become a space for the community to come together, to learn, and to connect. School children visit the library to research and work on homework; adults come to enjoy a comfortable place to read.

Linaje Escogido Church in Honduras is connecting to the heart of God by caring for everyone in their community. Here in Woodbury, we too are answering the call to welcome everyone into the community of Christ. Through global partnerships we are joining our hearts to those in Honduras, and together we are striving to be made “after the heart of God”.