Remember this Moment: A Song that Sparks a Memory
By Rebecca Kurtz

I thought about the former days, the years of long ago; I remembered my songs in the night.
—Psalm 77:5-6a

My favorite service each year is the Christmas Eve service. It is the music, the candles, and the anticipation of the time with family.

I grew up spending every Christmas Eve crowded in a pew near the front between my parents, brother and Grandma. We would get there early to make sure we had a seat. We would sing all of the Christmas hymns, and light candles during the singing of Silent Night.

When my brother and I were little we were always giddy when it was time to go to the Christmas Eve service. It was the start of a Christmas party where we would get to see aunts and uncles, play with cousins and open presents.

As we all grew older and in the last couple years that my Grandma was with us, she dozed a little during the service, and we’d need to give her a little nudge. But, at the end of the service, we all lit candles and sang Silent Night.

My Grandma passed away shortly before Christmas in 2003. While I think about her often and wish she could’ve met Steve, the thoughts and memories usually don’t have a big impact on me. However, every year when we light candles on Christmas Eve and sing Silent Night, I think of my Grandma and being with her at Christmas Eve service. And, every year I need to fight back the tears. They are tears for missing her; but they are also tears of joy as I recall the wonderful memories that I have—not only from Christmas but from her baking, stopping by after school, her tucking me in with what seemed like dozens of heavy quilts when I spent the night, and overall being a strong, loving influence on my life and a great example of strong faith.

While Silent Night brings tears to my eyes, it is also a reminder of how blessed I am to have a Grandma and family who have such a strong influence in my life.

Is there a song that brings back particular memories for you?