Remember this Gift – Gift of Forgiveness
by Sue Oberg

Do not remember the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to your love remember me, for you, Lord, are good.  —Psalm 25:7

I had a friend in High School who was very dear to me but she broke my trust and I got very hurt in the process. The relationship dissolved and seized to exist shortly after the incident. I always said I had forgiven her, but when I attended an Alpha course at church about 15 years later it became clear that I still harbored that hurt on the outer edges of my heart and really hadn’t completely forgiven this particular friend or gotten over the hurt. I guess it would be like covering a wound and trying to forget about it—but it still needed tending to truly heal.

I remember coming home from an Alpha class one night after talking about forgiveness. I went straight to my bedroom where I laid on my bed with my head buried in my pillow and sobbed. I cried as the bandage was torn off the wounds of my soul from years ago.

I asked God to help me forgive her once and for all and I asked Him to forgive me for holding this hurt for so long. At once I felt this feeling run from my head to feet, as if a bucket of warm water was being poured over my head. I have never had such a feeling before and I have never had it again. It was the most unique experience I have ever had.

I have always thought that it was like Jesus pouring His love, grace and forgiveness over me. Since that time, I don’t have the same hurt when I think about this long lost friend. I have been set free from the hurt of that situation and most importantly, I have been set free from the bitterness that lingered at the edges of my heart.

I know not everyone will or has experienced something like this but I don’t think it matters—what we all have experienced is the total forgiveness of all our sins through Christ’s death on the cross and by faith in Him we are made whole and healed.

Christmas is a great time to not only remember the birth of Christ but also His death and resurrection. We are not only Christmas people—but Easter people!

How have you experienced the gift of forgiveness?