Remember this Gift – A Christmas Gift that Stood Out from All the Others
by Janelle Rau

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! —2 Corinthians 9:15

One of my favorite Christmas memories is the image of the decorations in my maternal grandparents’ home. I can still picture Nana and Papa’s living room, with small colored lights on the artificial tree next to their well-loved, slightly out-of-tune baby grand piano. The love and joy in their home was magnified by amazing decorations at Christmastime. My favorite was a collection of colorful, shiny metal three-dimensional snowflakes hanging from their ceiling. Ranging in size from four to ten inches, they would gently sway and spin on the nearly invisible white thread from which they were suspended. The dozens of snowflakes created a beautiful, colorful winter wonderland in their living room.

Decades after first seeing those snowflakes in my grandparents’ home, and a number of years after Nana and Papa had gone to their heavenly home, I received a special Christmas gift. Nestled between pages of a magazine were ten thin metal snowflakes, made brittle by age. My mom had painstakingly salvaged what she could of the snowflakes, lovingly repairing them with staples and Scotch tape. As I gently unfolded the metal layers to create three-dimensional snowflakes, childhood memories came rushing back. I could sense the wonder of seeing those stunning snowflakes suspended above me in my grandparents’ home.

That Christmas gift was special in many ways. It brought recollections of joy from childhood, memories of Nana and Papa’s love, and reflected the patience of my mom as she repaired the fragile decorations. Each Christmas season, the snowflakes now hang from archways on both sides of our family room, catching the light as they gently turn, and bringing joy to all who see them.

Expensive or cheap, nostalgic or practical, most gifts will be forgotten over time. However, the greatest gift of Christmas is timeless…baby Jesus, born to be our Savior and King. As we decorate our homes, purchase and wrap gifts for those we love, may we all remember the Reason for the Season: Jesus, the greatest gift of all.

What gift have you been given that stood out from all the others?