Remember this Time – A Time of Great Anticipation
by Sue Oberg

I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning. —Psalm 130:6

When my kids were little our big present opening day was in the morning on Christmas Day but the rule was that everyone had to be awake and go downstairs into the family room together. The kids would all pile on to our bed in the morning trying to get Dave and I up so we all could go downstairs to open presents. Dave and I would have fun dragging our heels a little by brushing our teeth or combing through our hair and the anticipation in the room would be palpable. “Hurry up Mom!” and “Oh come on Dad!” would be said as they jumped on the bed with excitement. It makes me giggle to this day to remember the joy of the hope they had for what might be under the tree awaiting them.

I wonder what it might look like if we approached God in that kind of way. What if every morning we looked out with anticipation at what wonderful thing God might bless us with that day? I think we all would have a little more joy in our lives and a lot less worry and dread.

The greatest gift of all has been given to us in Christ. All the gifts that are priceless are found in Him —peace, joy, love, and hope. Those are just a few of the many gifts Christ has given us that we get to live with every single day.

It is our fervent prayer that you would anticipate not only the presents under the tree but the multitude of gifts Christ has given us through His birth, death and resurrection. What an amazing God we have!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Christmas Eve services! May you have a wonderful Christmas—one worthy of remembering!