Tuesday, March 17 – What…Guidance/God’s Will

Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth, and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all day long. —Psalm 25:4-5

Following someone’s lead means you must have faith and trust in that person—enough that you’ll do what he or she is asking you to do. Giving up control can be difficult and scary, but when you truly trust and believe in someone, that fear factor gets a little smaller. It is easier to trust someone you know well.

God wants us to know Him to such a degree that we find peace and comfort with His will. In this verse, the psalmist asks for the ability to know the ways of God and His path for us, but how do we do that? God has given us all we need in His Word. When we read Scripture, meditate on it and open our minds and hearts to know Him more, and are open to receive His desire and direction for our lives, we can move forward and be assured of His presence.

But sometimes it is easier said than done. Even when we’ve received His direction, doubt can creep in and questions arise. You might start to feel like God’s pushing you through a door and become fearful that you are taking a big risk or setting yourself up for failure.

I can relate to that in my own life, but I also can attribute where I am today—the life I enjoy with my beautiful family, and the work that I’ve been called to do and that I truly love— because I trusted Him and let Him push me through that door.

I still have my moments when I question what God is up to, even when I know what He’s done before. Following God’s will for your life requires constant commitment and re-commitment to His desire for you by remembering it is out of His great love for you. Take time today to know He loves you and has great plans for you. If He gives you that push, take it!

By Chris Vorrie
Director of Worship & Arts