Tuesday, March 24 – Where…Church

While Peter was kept in prison, the church prayed fervently to God for him. —Acts 12:5

Everyone’s prayer habits are different. In church perhaps even more so. While hopefully we all feel prayerful while in church, there can be distractions that take effort to re-focus on our reasons for coming together. A time to celebrate, pray and be thankful for Jesus and all he did to save us through his sacrifice are important things to reflect on in church, especially during the Lenten season.

My prayer focus in church starts with saying the Lord’s Prayer. Then I think of those that I know are in need of extra prayers—a mother or brother who is sick, a grandchild with an upcoming surgery, a friend recovering from pneumonia, or someone with a recent loss of a loved one. Someone else might be praying for those in prison, like Peter, or for those who have veered away from the Lord with hope that their prayers will help them return.

If I arrive at church a little late, I say a quick apology prayer and ask for help to focus on the service and message at hand. If I arrive early, I take time to pray for my family—with thanksgiving for the day and for each of them.

When prayers become rote, I try to focus on each word. I do this with the Lord’s Prayer and put emphasis on some of the words…for thine is the KINGDOM and the POWER and the GLORY…

I like to concentrate on the message while in worship and try to gain insight on how to be a better Christian. There are many ways to do that at King of Kings—through the sermons, the scripture readings, Bible studies, and lessons. There is something about praying and learning together that is reaffirming.

After taking communion, the body and blood of Jesus, my prayer is to be more Christ-like in the coming week. It is a big goal and one I prayerfully request and try to follow.

At the closing of the service, no matter what song is sung, I pray and feel the words; “Rejoice and Be Glad—Yours is the Kingdom of God.”

By Mary Westberg
Congregation Member