Tuesday, April 7 – Who…Pray With Others

All these were constantly devoting themselves to prayer, together with certain women, including Mary the mother of Jesus, as well as his brothers. —Acts 1:14

When we moved to Minnesota three years ago, I was not actively practicing my faith. In fact, I was doubtful of many of the Christian beliefs: Jesus rose from the dead? Mary was a virgin mother? You can talk to God? None of these things made sense to me. My husband and I were very lonely for several months as we tried to settle into this new, unfamiliar home.

One day, we stumbled upon King of Kings Lutheran Church and went in the front doors for service.  As time went on, God kept pulling us back through those doors and I eventually joined several Connection Groups. They were led by Sue Oberg and she always made it a habit to pray together before and after every session.

After one particular session, Sue asked for a volunteer to pray us out and no one raised a hand.  Suddenly, I heard, “Julia, do you want to try?” I was so nervous—me? The very me that didn’t even practice religion such a short time ago? Pray to God in front of all these people? But the group echoed a unanimous “Yes, Julia, try,” so I bowed my head and for the first time, with support from my team, I managed to talk to God. I prayed for those in my group and how thankful I was for their friendship. Everyone at the table also bowed their heads and took part in my prayer, thanking God for our Connection Group.

After that moment, I began praying often, and always with someone else. I pray at the dinner table with my husband, over the phone with my mom, and of course, with our Connection Group at King of Kings on Tuesday nights. I realized that praying together is the best way to pray. Why? Because your fellow Christians can provide that confidence that is lacking, the grace that you just can’t find, peace in your heart, and the love of God when needed most. They lift you up in faith and together, make your prayer that much stronger by supporting you through your conversation with God.

By Julia Haponski
Congregation Member