Friday, April 10 – Who…Pray In the Name of the Lord Who Saves

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit. —Psalm 34:18

It can be difficult and painful to read today’s verse. When we are feeling crushed in spirit or brokenhearted, we often don’t feel like God is near. In these moments of our own lives like a loss of a family member or friend, divorce, illness, or life changes, it’s easy to give ourselves over to hopelessness.

It’s not about what we pray for in our hopelessness, but whom we pray to. When we pray in the name of Jesus, we are literally praying in the name of our God who saves. And when our prayers are made up of sighs too deep for words, tears and head shaking, or screams of frustration, it is God who meets us in the darkness. Our savior is the one who is near to us in our struggles and our pain and knows them better than we can even imagine.

Jesus lives a human life, experiencing loss and living with difficulty, just like we do, and eventually dies a painful death on a cross for the sake of all humanity. Today is Good Friday, when we remember the events surrounding Jesus’ death. It’s a hard reminder for each of us to take in—that the death of Jesus is necessary to save us.

But we call today Good Friday because we know the good that comes of it. The resurrection that comes after three long days of grief, darkness, and pain is our symbol of hope. Each new day and new prayer brings with it the forgiveness and grace strength for today through the saving work of God. It is the second chances, new opportunities, and healing that come eventually and that we long and hope for, but today we sit with our broken heartedness and pray in the name of Jesus, the Lord who saves.

By Kelsey Battleson
High School/Young Adult Coordinator