Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings
so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us,
— Hebrews 12:1


Confirmation is time for your child to being to take ownership of their faith, while forming a faith community of peers and adults within our church. It is an opportunity for individuals to take on the promises that were made for them in baptism for themselves. It is not a requirement in the church, but a milestone and celebration that we encourage all families to participate in.

6th Grade Confirmation Schedule
7th/8th Grade Confirmation Schedule

This is the foundational year where students are asking “what’s it all about?” We will spend time learning about Lutheran Doctrine through the small catechism (10 commandments, Lord’s Prayer and Apostle’s Creed), Martin Luther, Prayer and the structure of the bible. We also start to build or continue to build and develop deep relationships with fellow classmates and other invested adults in our congregation.
We spend these two years taking a deep dive into learning how to apply your faith your life, where students ask “what does it mean for me?” and will learn about relationships, Jesus’ life, faith and culture. We also take time to take a longer, deeper look at a character or sections from the Old and New Testaments.
9th Grade at King of Kings is made up of 3 key parts: Connection Groups, Mentoring, and a Retreat. Students are expected to participate in all three components during the year. Confirmation Services for students in 9th Grade during the 2018/2019 school year will be October 26/27, 2019.

9th Grade Orientation is Sunday, September 16 at 5:00 p.m. Click here to register for 9th Grade Road Through Confirmation.

Connection Groups
Connection Groups offer deeper relationships and a more in-depth look at topics that students are interested in and help select. There are 2 options available for 9th grade connection groups:

  1. Meet 3x/month in small connection groups made up of 9th grade students and a couple adult leaders, based on days and times that their schedules allow. Groups, with the help of their leaders, will choose what to study each week from a library of curriculum.
  2. Participate weekly (2-4x/month) in Sunday Night Refuel which includes a large group component and small group breakouts of students in 9th-12th grade and adult leaders. Topics are set for the year with the help of the Jr./Sr. Small Group.

NOTE: Students and families will be able to choose their connection group through a sign-up genius link sent out to registered families on August 22nd. Registered students who have not already chosen a group by September 10th will be placed into a group by staff.

Mentoring is an opportunity for students to learn from others how to share about your faith and dig into faith topics by helping to bring the conversation home. 9th Grade Students are expected to find a mentor to walk with them on the road through Confirmation that will participate two different ways:

  1. Have 1 conversation each month (October through April). Conversation topics and questions are provided each month that last approx. 20-30 minutes, and can be completed either in person or by phone/facetime.
  2. Attend 2 workshops together during the year. Workshops must be attended in person either with your mentor or a parent/guardian.
    1. Option 1: What is Confirmation? – November 4, 1-3pm
      1. Learn about what we do on Confirmation weekend, the promises that are made during Confirmation, and what being confirmed means for your faith journey. You and your mentor/parent will also have the opportunity to share and discuss what confirmation means to you. We encourage participants in this workshop to join us to witness a Confirmation Service (Oct. 27 or 28) either in person or via live stream.
    2. Option 2: Science & Faith – February 10, 1-3pm
      1. If you’ve ever wondered if you can believe in science and God, this is the workshop for you. We’re talking about how your belief and understanding of God can be expanded by scientific findings, and wondering together about what God might be up to in our natural world.
    3. Option 3: Loss & Grief – April 14, 1-3pm
      1. We are all unfortunately affected by loss and grief, whether through the death of a loved one or significant life changes. Acknowledging that, we talk about what to do and how to talk to someone who is going through loss, what happens when someone dies, and how we cope with grief in our lives.

Pink Student/Family Letter
Blue Mentor Letter
Green Mentor Registration & Background Check Letter

Students will also attend one of two weekend retreats offered during the year and the cost of the retreat is included in the registration fee. Retreats offer a longer timeframe to explore what we’ve learned about God and our faith, and give us the opportunity to get out of our comfort zones to meet new people, have fun, and think more deeply about what we believe.

  1. Option 1: 9th Grade Only – November 16-18, 2018
    Theme: What do I believe? This weekend we’ll be talking about what you value, how you see God working in your life and the world, and what your experiences mean for your faith.
  2. Option 2: High School Retreat (9th-12th Grade) – February 2-3, 2019
    Theme: Be Different. This weekend we’ll be talking about what it means to follow Christ in High School and how the 10 commandments make sense today.
Preparing for Confirmation
Confirmation services at King of Kings take place on the last Saturday/Sunday in October in the fall of 10th grade.

  • October 27/28, 2018
  • October 26/27, 2019

To help students prepare for their Confirmation Service, we offer three opportunities in the summer and fall of 10th grade and strongly encourage students to participate for the best possible confirmation experience.

Confirmation Conversations
Confirmation Conversations are a tradition during the summer between 9th and 10th grade when students have the opportunity in a one-on-one setting to share about their experience in confirmation and have a deeper conversation about their faith. These conversations are also a chance to learn more about ministries at King of Kings and ask questions about confirmation.

Each student is also asked to choose a confirmation verse that speaks to them to share during their confirmation conversation and display during the confirmation services.

Stole Making Party
The Stole Making Party is a fun way for students to gather together again in the fall of 10th grade and start working on their stoles. Confirmands share ideas and supplies, reconnect, and have a meal together to kick off the fall.

Confirmation Rehearsal & Dinner
The Confirmation Rehearsal & Dinner is an opportunity for families and students to walk through the confirmation service, have formal photos taken, and spend time together with your connection group, friends, and family to celebrate this milestone.

6th grade – 5 worship notes, 2 service experiences and 1 lock-in

7th grade – 7 worship notes, 4 service experiences and 1 retreat

8th grade – 10 worship notes, 6 service experiences and 1 retreat

9th grade – Serve in worship 4 times, participate regularly with your connection group in service, learning and fellowship opportunities

What are worship notes? Simply put, they are 4-5 questions that are meant to help engage students within worship each week. The hope is that they help to help students better understand what the messages of the sermon’s mean for them and their faith.

What are service experiences? One thing that Jesus calls us to do is to serve others in our community. We live this out by getting out into our community and serving together.  There are MANY opportunities offered through regular programming but many others available throughout the year.

Why retreats and lock-ins? Both give us an opportunity to really dive deep into one topic and give us the space to really expand the conversation and take it to another level. They also give us the ability to laugh and play together for an extended amount of time which translates to deeper connections with each other

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