Project Description

Remember This…

Throughout the Bible God continually asks us to remember Him. He wants us to remember what He has done for us and how He will always be with us. Our memories of His past faithfulness will help us trust Him more with whatever might come our way in the future.

The Season of Advent is a time of waiting and remembering God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. During these four weeks before Christmas we are going to spend time sharing stories of memories that are often linked to this season; it could be a moment, a feeling, or a special gift. Ultimately, God wants us to remember the night Jesus was brought into this world to save us. He wants us to remember Immanuel—God with us.

It is our hope that as you read these stories they inspire you to share some of your own stories with family and friends each week. Pick a favorite topic from each week of devotionals and share a story with your kids as you run them to various activities, or with friends when you are out to lunch, or maybe make it something you do each time you gather around the kitchen table. It could be a song, a scent, a particular feeling, or a special gift that triggers a memory worth remembering and sharing.

When we share our stories we naturally grow into deeper relationship with each other. It is our stories of love, faithfulness, joy, sorrow and God’s very presence in our life that will live on long after we have gone. It is our hope that this devotional helps you grow in faith, gives you a moment to pause and reflect on how God has truly been with you, and also encourages you to share your stories with those around you.

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