Project Description

Making Room
This Advent season we are going to be focusing on making room. Making room for miracles and seeing God work, especially in our day-to-day lives. We are going to make room for service, for deeper relationships, and also for change. And of course, ultimately, we want to make room for Christ in our heart, mind and life this Christmas and for eternity.

We wanted to make this devotional interactive and so our Sunday services will launch us into the theme for the week; and then on Monday, we will be giving you an activity that corresponds to our topic that you can do throughout the week. You can do it as a family, on your own, or as a couple. You could even get a friend to do it with you!

Let’s make room this Advent for loads of good things! It may mean that something else needs to be removed, like an old habit that isn’t very good anyway, or negativity that is dragging you down. Or maybe it’s something you needed to give away long ago—like an activity that just is getting old or making you feel worn out. Whatever the case, you get to look at how you are going to rearrange your time, resources, your mind and heart to make room for Jesus this Christmas!

Download a PDF of our Advent Devotional here!