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Planning Christmas
Advent Devotional

As Christmas draws near, many of us are busy setting our plans for our Christmas celebrations. Will it be at Aunt Betty’s this year, or do we have to host? Will family be able to come into town and who will they stay with? Or maybe an invitation already came from Mom or Dad or Grandma and you need to think about how you will respond to the invitation. Is it going to be a hassle to pack up the kids or drive in the snow? Maybe there is some hesitation to say yes to the invitation.

God also invites us to come close to him. Our God, who is love and full of mercy and compassion comes to us as a baby sleeping in a manger. He comes with such humbleness in hopes we will answer the call to come and see—to worship and follow. He tells us to come as we are—we don’t need to clean ourselves up…no dressy clothes or fancy shoes are required or even practical. God invites us to answer His call just as we are. But so often we hesitate to say yes to that invitation. We wonder what it would mean for our lives and what our lives might look like if we did follow Him with our whole heart.

Yet some of us have already taken those steps into that holy place with God. We have peered into the manger, gazed upon the cross and looked with awe at the empty tomb. We have come close and thought we were following Him; but things haven’t gone as we thought they should, and now we need to trust that he is still near, still loves us and is working for our good.

This Advent season, we will be looking at some Biblical characters and God’s invitation to them, how they hesitated, or how their plans may have changed in hopes that we might see some of our own stories within those. On Sundays we will offer up a prayer and invite you to worship. We pray this devotional helps you draw closer to God during this season of Christmas.

Beginning December 2, the devotionals will be posted daily on our blog (see the footer of this page or click here). We encourage you to interact and connect with us each day by leaving your comments in the comment section of the blog!

Thank You!
Thank you to the women involved in God’s GALS, God’s GALS Precept study, MOPS and the Prayer Team who took the time to write a devotional or prayer. Each of you said “yes” to the invitation with maybe some hesitation. Even when you didn’t get your first choice of scripture, you made the best of it and God worked beautifully through all of you! What a great example you are to all! With love and appreciation, Sue Oberg