Project Description

King’s Table is a great fellowship opportunity to share a meal and meet new people in the congregation. Here’s how it works – three couples or singles are grouped together to have three meals together within a 6 month period of time (April – September). Each person/couple takes a turn hosting. The host supplies the place and main course and invites another two people of their choice. The people who are not hosting bring a side dish, salad or dessert. A “gourmet” meal is not expected. Try a dinner, brunch, lunch, cook out, or even build your own pizza. Anything your group wants to try. Keep it simple and fun!
Click here to Register by March 25.
Contact: Janet Meyer at 651-207-5173 or or Sue Oberg at

King’s Table for Families is for people with young kids that are interested in Kings Table but want to involve their kids. Two or three families will be grouped together with consideration for children that are about the same age. Each family will take turns hosting a meal at their home and be responsible for the main course and inviting another family of their choice. The other families will bring a side dish, dessert or salad. You can do whatever you like – make it a game night, or have the kids play while the adults enjoy conversation. You can order pizza, just have appetizers, or do a BBQ. Keep it simple and fun!
Click here to Register by March 25 for this Spring/Summer session (April – September)
Contact: Christie and Daniel Lentz at or Sue Oberg at

We will have another registration in September for the Fall/winter session (October – March)