Project Description

King of Kings is turning 40!

In recognition of our 40th Anniversary we will be focusing our Fall sermon series on several stories form the Bible where the number 40 occurs. This isn’t some “Bible Code”—and let’s face it, how we got there was an easy equation.

40th Anniversary
+ Bible passages that reference the number 40
= Our next sermon series

Yet as we dug a bit deeper, we were amazed at how many stories reference the number 40 and their spiritual impact on the lives and hearts of God’s people. In fact, what’s interesting about the number 40 is that it is often used to depict a time of trial and testing that often results in a spiritual triumph or victory.

Life is filled with these “Trial to Triumph” type moments.

As we look at these familiar passages of scripture, we come to understand our own spiritual journey and how God continues to walk with us from “Trials to Triumphs.”

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