Sharing your faith with others can be tricky. Having a strong church-based community like King of Kings can help.

You experience faith differently than anyone else. This individuality is one of the great strengths and joys of having faith. But how do you share the wonder you feel with others? Especially when their faith (or lack of) is different than yours? At King of Kings, we believe the best way to share your faith is through actions of kindness and generosity.

By living a life of integrity and by demonstrating kindness, grace and compassion, you share your faith in the most generous and meaningful ways possible. Faith is more than words or beliefs, it’s a reflection of your spirit. Sharing faith can be a humbling experience. Not knowing how you can share and spread your faith to others might leave you feeling embarrassed, awkward or alone. That’s where your church can offer some guidance.

Stay Positive

Faith is defined as “a strong belief or trust in someone or something.” You can have faith in a leader, an idea, an ability or God. When we remain positive, we don’t waver from our goals or our beliefs.

We’ve all had our faith shaken at one time or another. A kind word of encouragement from a friend can make a huge difference. Lending support to someone who is struggling is a beautiful way to share faith and it helps us all be stronger.

Even staying positive amid your own crisis is a way to demonstrate and share faith. From Joseph to David, the bible is full of stories of those who overcome adversity through faith. Your own personal faith story can serve as inspiration for others. Be the calm in every storm for others to hold on to.

The Power of Kindness and Dignity

Share your faith through kindness and forgiveness.

Being kind to others is a way to share faith. When you treat people with patience and consideration, they respond to you more positively. No matter where you disagree or what obstacle separates you, kindness can bridge the gap. There is no substitute for being a good friend and a good listener.

Showing forgiveness is a way to demonstrate the true essence of God’s love. When you forgive someone, you restore their dignity and share the most powerful tenet of Christian faith.  

Stay True to Your Beliefs

Nothing sabotages your credibility faster than saying one thing and then doing another. Walk the walk. Faith is a lifelong journey. It is a story that continues to unfold as you travel through your life. Your experiences, the choices you make and the actions you take are all components of your faith.

If others see inconsistencies in your behavior, you might lose their respect. When you radiate strong faith and good character it becomes contagious. Simply being an example of God’s grace is a way to share faith openly and lovingly.

Give Generously

Giving your time and resources is a great way to share faith.

Whether it’s your time, your money, food, shelter or something else, you share your faith by helping others. You demonstrate to the world that helping others is important to you and your faith.

Sharing ourselves can take many forms. It can be through volunteering, cooking a meal for friends, giving to those without or simply spending time with your grandchildren.

There are millions of gestures you can make every day. Let your faith guide the way you choose to express and share it.

Share Your Own Story

Your faith story is one of the most persuasive tools you have. No one can debate your personal journey. When you share stories of faith with others, you open an intimate window into what faith looks like how it works.   

God, the Bible and Christianity can feel abstract or foreign to many. Let your own example be a vehicle of change. Your personal account has the power to reach others in a unique way. Take a chance. Open yourself up and explain how your faith has impacted your life.

Sharing Your Faith Online

The world is a very different place than it was even 20 years ago. Today we are more likely to send a text or post a meme on social media than knock on a friend’s door. While these advances can make life easier, they can also diminish our spiritual connection.

When you do share your faith online, follow the same principles and practices you would in person. Technology has opened many forums for difference of opinion and debate. You can demonstrate your faith by remaining respectful of all opinions and showing kindness to all voices you encounter.

Embody Faith with Love and Support from King of Kings

Share faith with a community

Growing and sharing your faith is easier within a community. Together, we support and nourish each other to stoke the spiritual fire that guides us all. Share your faith by inviting someone you know to worship with us. Our door is always open. Let King of Kings feed your need for spiritual connection so that you can continue to share your faith with others.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.Hebrews 11:1

Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.J. R. R. Tolkien