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We are glad you are here. We believe that God works through the members and friends of this family of faith in order to carry out the work of the church.

Church Council

The Church Council is responsible for setting church policy, making financial decisions, and providing spiritual oversight for our church. Congregation members are encouraged to come to council meetings and voice their opinions on topics being discussed. Before attending a council meeting, please contact the Council President to be sure that enough printed material is available for visitors. The council meets monthly on the third Tuesday.

Pastor Jon Larson, Lead Pastor
Pastor Amelia, Associate Pastor
Angie Olson, Treasurer
Jen McKinnon,  President
Tricia Dege, Vice President
Jason Livingston, Vice President
Kevin Schwartz, Finance Chair
Tami Olson, Secretary
Rebecca Kurtz, Member at Large
Todd Dexheimer, Member at Large
Dianne Johnson, Executive Director

Council Contact: For more information about the King of Kings Church Council and how to attend an upcoming meeting, contact Council President, Jen McKinnon.

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