A large crowd of people gather in the shape of a cross.

Religious beliefs are a deeply personal matter and worship is an intimate practice that we hold closely. Finding the right church to support your faith goals is important but there are other reasons to attend church.  Joining a church for community offers its own set of benefits beyond religious enrichment.

Why join a local church? We unpack some of the obvious and not so obvious reasons to become a member of a church. Our doors are always open and we welcome new visitors to see what the community at King of Kings Lutheran church offers.

Support During Life’s Challenges

A church community is an invaluable support. Like a family, a safe and trustworthy community provides a stable space when life becomes difficult. There is no substitute for honest connection during challenges like heath issues, divorce or work changes. A church is a place you can always go to when you need a place to reflect, focus and find comfort.

Being a church member means that you get to support others as well. We know helping others helps us feel like better humans but there are also scientifically proven benefits of helping others. Be part of this healing power. 

People and Opportunities

A young man sits at a piano with an older woman. Several people watch from the background.

A church opens the door to a new set of friends and opportunities. Especially if you’ve recently relocated, a local church is a great way to meet new people, make friends and expand your social circle. Most churches have groups and activities that cover a range of interests from music and bible studies to books and crafts.  

A community church is a great place to find volunteer events and opportunities. These are a great way to meet others, serve your community and enrich your life. Check King of Kings’ connect and serve page to view our outreach programs. 


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. So the saying goes. Beyond getting to know God better, a church is a networking wonderland. Whether you’re looking for a new job, a babysitter or a lutefisk recipe, you can probably find someone with the experience and knowledge you’re looking for.

Don’t forget that you’re a resource for someone else. Your unique knowledge and skills are a valuable asset to your church’s congregation. Build your confidence and skill sets by using them to help others.

A Place for Life’s Events

A bride puts a wedding ring om her groom's finger.

Baptism, confirmation and marriage are significant life events. Having a place that hosts all of them in a familiar setting can provide comfort and stability in a changing world. Your church is a place where your family can grow, change and celebrate while always feeling welcome. It’s also a place to receive Jesus’ spirit through communion.

When it’s time to say goodbye, a funeral service that honors the deceased helps the survivors let go. A church community is a wonderful source of comfort during times of grieving and the perfect setting to celebrate the lives of those we lose. 

Compassionate Leadership

You encounter leaders of all different types throughout your life. A church provides religious leadership and spiritual guidance that you can’t find anywhere else. When you commit yourself to a church that follows God’s word, you submit yourself to Godly leadership that cares deeply for its congregation.

Churches provide irreplaceable spiritual education for children and youth. From preschool to confirmation, a church helps build character, instill values and create a spiritual blueprint to follow the rest of your life. You can even find summer activities to keep kids engaged while school is out. Church peers are connections that stay with us throughout our lives.

How to Join a Church

Hopefully the reasons to go to church resonate with you and your family. The most important step to becoming a church member is to show up and see how it feels. Get to know the others there and find the places where you fit.

The steps for joining a church vary from congregation to congregation. At King of Kings, we have a membership class that helps new attendees make strong new connections. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Patty Bishop. We’d love to have you in the King of Kings community!